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Growing Cannabis With Aeroponics

Growing cannabis in an aeroponic system can produce strong, healthy plants. There are various ways to grow cannabis these days. Dozens of hydro systems with different functions, different soil mixes, etc. But what is an aeroponic system? Let's dive in.

Aeroponic systems are similar to soilless media based hydroponic systems. Although in aeroponics, roots receive water via steam or small droplets instead of being immersed in water. Nutrient-rich water is sprayed directly onto the roots, providing what the entire root system needs.


High-quality aeroponics involves a high-pressure pump and a special spray nozzle that work together to create a mist with droplets that are invisible to the naked eye. This pump generates droplets smaller than 50 microns. This allows a wider range of microbes to meet their needs, resulting in higher yields.

High-end aeroponics are made of dense designs and materials that allow roots to receive an even amount of water. In addition, the sturdy construction prevents water from leaking out of the pool walls. This will use up water and nutrients and increase humidity in the grow room.


Lower-quality aeroponics, or DIY aeroponics, usually sprays slightly larger drops onto the roots. Also, they do not have an established tank separation system. Usually, water will drain out of the tank, causing certain problems. The pH of nutrients can get unbalanced and it's hard to control what's going on in the roots.

If there is no separation between the root zone and the water zone, roots can grow into the mechanics of the aeroponic system and prevent it from functioning.


Before you start growing quality cannabis in your aeroponic system, consider the following. Aeroponic systems are generally recommended for professional growers with solid cannabis growing experience. This is because things can go wrong very quickly. If the power goes out and the roots don't get water, they dry out relatively quickly. The entire root system can die overnight. Therefore, the system must run 24/7 and have backup power in case of an emergency.

The solid timer system and stable cable allow for perfect synchronization of the spray timers, eliminating unwanted drift.

Money shouldn't be splashing 24/7, a timer should be set every few seconds. This allows the roots to get plenty of oxygen, which they really like. This is a big advantage of aeroponics, the roots receive as much oxygen as possible.

The tank must not be transparent. Light should not enter the pool as algae may grow which can clog the spray nozzle.

Root temperature should not exceed 23°C. The ideal root temperature is around 18-20°C. Make sure the water temperature is appropriate.

Pay attention to the maximum room temperature. LED lamps are recommended for aeroponics.

If it's hot in the room and you're worried about the water temperature, the white pool reflects the light from outside making the water a little cooler.

The following are the most important. Cannabis plants grown using aeroponic systems grow big! Since there is no root stabilizing medium, make sure you have a good system in place to support your cannabis. The GrowSpec is the best way.

Aeroponic cannabis is very sensitive to pH levels. Therefore, you must have a professional measuring tool to accurately measure what is sprayed at the roots.


Aeroponics is perfect if you want to improve your cannabis operations. You have to do your research and control your growth. Try! The yields will be huge and the plants will grow faster than water plants if everything is under control.

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