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1. What is average yield of your systems?

Ans: According to the feedback from our previous projects of the aeroponic and hydroponic systems 4-5lbs is normal production of 4ftx8ft one tray and if your nutrient formula is good enough 5-6lbs also can get.

2. What is grow cycle in your system?

Ans: The full cycle of of plants varies according the plant type but here some plants cycles are for example hemp/CBD seeding is about 2 weeks, veg 4 weeks and blooming about 8 weeks, herbs and micro-greens about 8-10 days and leafy vegetable 20-30 days for different leafy vegetable some are 5060days also depends upon types.

3. Is your system automatic

Ans: Yes our system is automatic, control lighting,irrigation,ventilation,temperature,co2, and automatic nutrition ratios(PH,EC level)

4. How is the irrigation in your system?

Ans: We are using water circulation method once used water by plants is collected and refreshed through water filters in this way each time plant get fresh water and save your 95% 0f water

5. What is the power usage of your system?

Ans: Our system is energy efficient system it depends what plant you are grow and how much PPFD you prefer we can customize the power according to your demand.main usage of power is grow light.

6. Is your system movable?

Ans: Yes our system is movable and also adjustable you can set the height according to the plants.

7. How to distribute fertilizer in your system?

Ans: In our systems there is built-in fertilizer mixer/dosing machine which is connected with the water tanks of the system which mix the fertilizer and in this way our system can feed the proper ration of fertilizer to plants.

8. What is maximum PPFD in each tray for blooming?

Ans: 1100 to 1200 PPFD we provide to plants in blooming stage you can grow different stage in sample place in our system because lights have dimming you can adjust the light intensity according to size of plants.

9. How to control nutrients temperature in your system?

Ans: We use the water chiller to control the temperature and you can adjust the temperature also.

10. Can we control system through mobile app?

Ans: There are 2 ways to control our system, one we are using RS485 communication protocol that means you can control through your computer another you can control our system through Simon system in short yes you can control through app.

11. Can I grow multiple stages of plant in same line?

Ans: This is not good idea to grow different plants or different stages at same place because all the plants have different nutrient formula and different irrigation strategy.

12. How many plants I can grow?

Ans: We are offering 23plants per tray 4’x8’ for blooming and 72 plants for veg for cannabis but we can change density according to your demand.

13.Can I customize the size and brand?

Ans: Yes we offer OEM to our customers(size,brand and color can be customized).

14.What size of buckets you are using for plants?

Ans: We are currently offering 15L bucket for each plant, PVC food grade high quality.

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