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Total Turn-key

Our best and highly experienced team will provide you complete solution for the best environmentally controlled environment, we facilitate you to make your dreamed project design keeping your budget and resources realistic, provide a clear image of your investment and outcome.

Grow Room Essential Equipment

GrowSpec provide an efficient and suitable advanced technology solution that match with most valuable demands of plants and growers. Sometime it's hard to find out the most suitable solution or equipments for your farming facility. if you are inexperience it leads you to miss calculations according to your budget and perfect system requirements. We are here to provide you best system that level up your business and builds our best relationship.

Project Design Solution

A successful project pillars are standing on the best design and solution implementation. We have very smart and highly experienced team team that provides you the best solutions and good suggestions that value your business and our relations.


We provides best services before and after sales 7/24hrs, we guide you well for your farming facility maintenance, operations and upgrading solution time by time.


Planning and design are the base of any project that assures you and your partner and show you the potential and clear values of your project, Growspec provides you the support at each and every stage of your project and give you most valuable suggestions.

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Growing Solution

Medical Plant


Growing Solution

Leafy Greens / Microgreens

Strawberry planting

Growing Solution



Growing Solution


GrowSpec Provides the Most High-Efficient Equipment and The Tailored Solution for Your Indoor Farming Project to Help your Business Grow Quickly.

A Complete Cycle To Accomplish The Project 








Grow Room Design , Floor Plan Analysis and System Design

lntegration Consultation for Other Necessary Equipment

Cultivation Site Permit & License Consulting

Product Manufacturing


Post-Service Support

Warranty Statement

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