All-in-one movable grow room with advancing lighting, watering, airflow, temperature management


Climate Chamber

All-in-one Cultivation line

LAVACS is short of LED Aero-hydroponic Vertical Automated Cultivation System.

It is a Smart Growing System, a fully integarted “production line" for growing plants.

All-in-one Cultivation line


Movable Base with multi-tier racks

Height adjustable LED lighting system

Automatic nutrient circulation system

Hybrid of aero-hydroponic system


planting rack

LED Grow light


Overall movable


Dimmable LED

Mobile Grow Rack



Generally speaking, the purpose of growers to switch from HPS to LED are increase yield, increase the content of cannobinoids, terpenes and better energy efficiency.But how to achieve these goals by light? How many lights will the grow room need in how many wattage? Simply hanging your LED over the crops and just turning them on will not be an optimal and cost-effective strategy for plant growth. Our engineers will make light distribution simulations by horticultural software with support from plant scientists and physics,combined with our experience of cooperation with growers all over the world will help you to achieve the goals.Under our solution design,you will get the light recipe designed especially for your crops under your aim of growing, reducing the light wasted to air or aisles,here is what we will do for you by “One-Stop Solution




0~1660 μmol/s Dimming

Optimal Coverage with PPFD 800μmol/m2s @12’’


Efficay: 2.6µmol/

Powe: 640W




456~624 μmol/s

Radiation Angle  80°/120°/150°

Efficay: 1.9-2.6µmol/

Powe: 240W




352~518 μmol/s

Radiation Angle  30°/60°/80°/120°

Efficay: 1.9-2.8µmol/

Powe: 185W




1145~1560 μmol/s

Radiation Angle  80°/120°/150°

Efficay: 1.9-2.6µmol/

Powe: 600W




66~149.6 μmol/s

Radiation Angle  80°/120°/150°

Efficay: 1.9-2.6µmol/

Powe: 38W-66W


GrowSpec is a planting device manufacturer based in Foshan, China. From the date of foundation in 2015, GrowSpec take “Industrialize, standardize and process planting” as our mission. In 5 years we have been dedicating for providing customers with optimal solutions for different crop cultivation projects.


GrowSpec is not just LED grow device, GrowSpec is an idea! The idea of how to optimize the process of photosynthesis for vertical farms and greenhouses, how to ventilate the vertical cultivated plants to prevent powdery mildew, how to set up irrigation (aeroponic /hydroponic / media)system for more harvest and better quality, etc.


Main products of GrowSpec include:

* LED Grow Lights (both for indoor and greenhouse)

* VertiPlanter (a moving racking grow system that integrated with LED grow Lights, PVC tray, vertical air flow systems and touch screen control panel)

* LAVACS (LED Aeroponics Vertical Automated Cultivation system)


Grow Spec is not only a manufacturer, but also is a solution provider. Our team are talents in their professional field and quite responsible, we do quick response, efficient communication, and open mind cooperation during the whole business process, we provide standardization products as well as customization service that already benefited many customers all over the world with “OPTIMAL” quality products at “OPTIMAL” prices support.


Go with Grow Spec, you do not only get a best product, but reliable team support to help you stand out in your business.

1. Unique and art-of-the state products:

Most of the products are unique in the world such as: automated plant production lines, light groups, light lifter units, racks power box... and for LED lights, racks  and mobile carriages, we also redesigned (distribution map, light density, spectrum) after 5 years of cooperation with growers. We got patents for our unique products also from US and Europe governments. You don’t have to worry about the IP issues also.


2.Direct buy from manufacturer

Buy from GrowSpec means you buy directly from a real manufacturer. No middle man, all products and service are supplied directly from GrowSpec company.


3.Modular Products:

Most products are modular and scalable, customers can assemble in random.


4.Customized manufacturing:

Product size, power, voltage, colors etc. can be customized in accordance with customers requirements.


5.Full-Mate service:

For projects, we offer consultant before sale, our engineers will get all the information necessary for solution design and make out a customized solution, then we offer customized products, installation service in site (on demand) and after installation service for years.




Factory Display

One stop manufacturing 

GrowSpec is a planting device manufacturer based in Foshan, China. From the date of foundation in 2015, GrowSpec take “Industrialize, standardize and process planting” as our mission. In 5 years we have been dedicating for providing customers with optimal solutions for different crop cultivation projects.

As a cultivation device manufacturer,our main product lines include: movable racking system, multi-tier air flow system,irrigation system,lighting system and control system.GrowSpec is not only a one-stop manufacturer,but also a full-service supplier for all related products and projects. 

Using training

After the projects installation been completed,we will provide training documents,videos and drawings for each project to ensure that customers can operate the equipment proficiently,establish standard work flow,eliminate small faults on site,and continuously optimize the planting process,improve planting efficiency and crop quality. 

All of our grow devices are designed and produced in our dust-free workshops.Most of of device has got patents from China,USA,Europe Union and Canada.LED lights,power electronics have got UL,ETL,FCC,PSA,CE certificates,so customers has no worries on legal or safety problems.

Patented products with certificates

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