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This Multi-level Vertical Aero-Hydro System maximize your growing space without sacrificing quality. VertiAero is the most effective system for indoor commercial use which empower growers push the envelope of growing target all year round. 

Increased productivity

Better nutrient absorb

90% Water save

Plant roots have better access to oxygen, plants can grow healthier, faster, produce a higher yield.

The nutrients are evenly distributed to each plant

It’s aeroponic way, and the irrigation is running cycle.

Space save

Easy to operate 

Easy to install

It's multi-tiers and movable design, we just need  one aisle in a room

E-screen control, set up your grow mode easily, and let the machine run as per your order automatically, very low maintenance.

80% installation work is finished in our factory, all the parts you get are modulized.

 Easy to clean 

 Durable construction 

Take the pressure off soils by using less land

 Long lifespan

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Technology With
Respect to Nature

Indoor planting technology has developed rapidly in the last few decades, and
various new technologies are increasingly being applied to the field of indoor
planting. Growspec VertiPlanter system is a plant production line that integrates
special Led grow light, aero-hydroponic, vertical planting, intelligent control.

Control Center

Running automatically under the pre-set grow pattern by your order, you just need to plug and play. 

Light Distribution Map(PPFD@1)

Uniform light intensity output, high efficacy, outstanding quality with certified (ETL), full spectrum special for cannabis.Tech is born to break!


This mobile planting rack reduces the indoor space area( for example 10 production lines only need 2 row instead of 11 lines ), and extends the planting space up to 2 or 3 floors. If the first floor is selected for planting, the second and third floors can be directly added later according to the business situation. Without the need to rent or purchase additional sites, which saves the time for approval of fire protection and construction planning. The planting racks are connected one by one, so the length can be changed with the size of the room. There is an independent nutrient barrel pallet in front of each row, which can be installed with an irrigation system, and all pipes can be hidden in the rack. There is a swinging arm at one end of the rack, even if the plant row has a weight of 5-8 tons, it can be easily moved by the swinging arm.


Lighting designed for multi-layer planting, the light is evenly distributed in each planting unit (tray 4x8)

Each group of lighting is 1200w, which can cover a planting unit (tray 4x8)

When the light is suspended at a height of 1 foot (30cm), the average PPFD in the irradiation area

Over 1000umol/s.m2 @1ft. Full spectrum LED, brightness can be adjustec.

The hoisting height can be adjusted, with manual and automatic adjustment options,

Freely set light period

Contains 3 parts: irrigation machine. Planting bucket. Water supply and drainage pipeline.This system combines the advantages of Aero-hydroponic and removes the disadvantages of these two methods. Most of the roots of plants are exposed to the air. And the nutrient is sprayed on the roots in mist, so that the roots have sufficient oxygen absorption. At the same time, the remaining liquid at the bottom of the bucket can ensure that even when the nozzle broken or the power is cut off, there is still enough nutrient liquid at the root to maintain more than48 hours, leaving enough time for the manager to handle it out.


Keep the plant canopy at a consistent temperature and humidity
Reduce the breeding of powdery mildew, gray mold and other pathogens.
Make indoor carbon dioxide penetrate the plant canopy more evenly and increase the photosynthetic rate
The air flow direction of the entire production line is consistent, which is beneficial to the air flow design, which is beneficial to the air flow design of the entire planting room


Although VertiPlanter is a highly integrated system, but the power connection is very simple for "plug and play"
.Each planting frame is powered separately, and the upper and lower layers are cascaded and are directly inserted into the room power plug;
Each unit (tray 4'X8 ) has leakage protection function, which increases the safety;
Each unit (tray 4X8 ) has manual operation function, which can be independent of overall control


1.Photoperiod setting and contro
2.Timing for ventilator
3.Dimming for led lighting (all trays)

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