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VertiAero Series

Berries Farming Multilevel Aeroponic System


Control System

- All in One Control 


Mobile Rack System

Irrigation System

Lighting System

- VegBar Series

- Each Pallet can Hold Up to 800kgs

- Dripping

- Machine-Assisted Movement

Air Flow System

Fertigater 11ft3.3m 5.1ft 55.7 ft16.9 m 8.3 ft2.53 m 4.9 ft1.5 m 4 ft1.22m 55.7 ft16.9 m VD72-2t-6 47.4 ft14.3 m VD72-2t-5 39 ft11.8 m VD72-2t-4 30.7 ft9.3 m VD72-2t-3 22.4 ft6.8 m VD72-2t-2 14 ft4.2 m VD72-2t-1

Measurements: 2 tiers

Specification of Grow Tube
Upper mouth width 0.3m
Tray (Outer Dimensions)
Bottom width 0.2m
Height 0.3cm
Length 12.65m(customizable)
Light Power for Tray
PPFD @1'
300 μmol/m²s Avg.
Rapid Growth |Steady Quality Output|Optimized Space| Automation
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