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Why Do You Need A Cannabis LED Grow Light ?

Updated: Apr 21, 2023


1. Cultivation of cannabis seeds

Cannabis is planted early in the spring when the soil temperature is above 8°C 5 cm below the surface. Within 30 days of removing the cannabis sprouts, most of it will not be watered and LED grow lights will be used to encourage sprout growth to control sprouts and stimulate roots. Based on the differences in the morphology of the female and male seedlings, the male seeds can be selected and the female seeds can be uprooted when the seedlings are repaired to improve fiber quality.

2. Select cannabis fields and female seeds

The optimal temperature for growing cannabis is 19-23°C. The average daily growth of a cannabis plant is 3-5 cm and the peak growth can reach around 10 cm. At this time, they can withstand atmospheric drying but cannot withstand soil drying, so they are usually watered continuously for a month after germination to maintain a maximum soil water content of about 80%.

The combination of early application with irrigation, heavy use of fast acting fertilizer and LED grow lights encourages long stems. Seedling density varies from location to location. Typically, early maturing varieties produce 80,000 to 150,000 plants per mu and short-lived varieties produce 30,000 to 50,000 plants. In China, the main pests are cannabis worms and weevils, and diseases include sclerotinia and downy mildew.

The LED grow light uses a dual lens featuring increased penetration and increased illumination. This is the ideal supplemental light for cannabis. Thousands of years ago, traditional healers used cannabis to treat earaches, arthritis, and spasms.

In the 21st century, the benefits of cannabis for various ailments, including glaucoma, nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis (MS), weight loss due to AIDS, etc., have attracted worldwide attention.

If more research supports these claims, the pressure on governments around the world to legalize medical cannabis will increase.


1. Religion and Spirituality

Cannabis has a long history of use in religion and spirituality. In India especially, it has been used by wandering saints for centuries.

2. Medical Applications

In medicine, cannabis is often used to treat some seriously ill patients (cancer, AIDS). It is used to increase appetite and relieve pain. It can be used to relieve neurological symptoms such as glaucoma and epilepsy, migraines and bipolar mood swings. May reduce nausea in chemotherapy patients.

3. Textiles

Cannabis cultivation is also one of the earliest strains used as a textile fiber. It can be used as a raw material for fiber products, clothing, rope, canvas, oil, paper and medical supplies.

But traditionally cannabis has been used as a fiber that can only be used to make rope. It is only recently that hemp fiber refinement processes have been developed and the comfort of cannabis truly discovered.

Today's LED grow lights are manufactured specifically for growing cannabis. It has high light brightness and strong penetration. And it is a new type of grow light that is best suited for growing cannabis.

People still don't know how to grow cannabis and how to use LED lights to fill cannabis plants. Now I wish people knew more about it.

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