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DHC240 Cooling

A Traditional 500pints dehumidifier will generate about 35K BTU heat.
Our dehumidifier will not generatebut reduce 23K BTU heat !
DHC240 Cooling Dehumidifier
DHC240 Cooling Dehumidifier
Stop Valve
(Connecting Outdoor Unit)
Water Outlet
Air Outlet
Control Panel
Air Intake
Foot Stool
Core Components
Heat Exchanger

The optimized heat exchanger of the cooling dehumidifier adopts internal threaded copper pipe, which has a stronger dehumidification effect and greatly improves the energy efficiency of heat exchange.

Scroll or Rotary Compressor

Scroll or rotary compressor from international famous brand, longlife, high energy efficiency, with superior dehumidification effect.

lntelligent Control by Microcomputer

Equipped with microcomputer automatic control and Japan Shenrong high precision humidity sensor, automatic controlpanel, fault automatic judgment function, temperature and humidity display, simple operation, easy to understand.

DHC240 Cooling Dehumidifier
Voltage: 220V 60Hz
Capacity 27℃, 60%: 6kg/h
Capacity 30℃, 80%: 240kg/D
Capacity 35℃, 90%: 336kg/D
Control Precision: ±3%
IP Level: IP21
Air Circulation of Indoor Machine: 79db
Air Circulation of Outdoor Machine: 3000m³/h
Rated Power 27℃/60%RH: 2600W
High Temperature Power 30℃/80%RH: 3000W
Max Power 35℃/90%RH: 3500W
Refrigerant/Quantity: R410A/1800g
Indoor Machine Size: 640 × 435 × 1800mm
Outdoor Machine Size: 880 x 360 x 800mm
Rapid Growth |Steady Quality Output|Optimized Space| Automation
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