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An Insight on How Commercial Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Break Through Flooded Market

“There is barely a profit left for commercial marijuana growers focusing on the adult-use market, since legalization areas increased,” Heidi Yang, Marketing manager notes. “This enables more outdoor farms to be set up. However, the cost of outdoor cultivation is much lower than indoor cultivation. The growing technology tools have improved which increased the number of home growers cultivating plants at home.”

Meeting quality requirements

As Heidi explains, the adult-use marijuana market is becoming more brutal, as demand for medical use is increasing. As well as more medicinal value of the marijuana plants have been approved. The big issue is, however, that medical use products have strict quality requirements.


When growing high-quality and stable quality plants, Heidi notes that environmental control is essential. Nowadays, most commercial indoor farms are not qualified to produce stable and high-quality products. “Therefore, the only solution is to upgrade their production facility and environmental situation. And this will involve a not small investment at the beginning, many indoor farms businesses who are not able to upgrade themselves are losing their profit till to go broke finally as their product quality doesn’t have advantages among the flooded market,” Heidi claims.


“While high quality product never care the flooded market” she added.

Platform as a Service

Heidi noted that they’re tackling the issue with the VertiAero, the highly automated vertical growing racks and the container farms. Both products have infinite control over the cultivation process and the system. Everything is monitored via IoT data points to create the Platform As A Service. Other environments can easily be connected, meaning that all new growing data is saved, constantly updated and used for the following growing periods.


“The algorithms help our IT team to improve every growing cycle even better, ensuring the best cannabis quality for growers. This results in great ROI for them in the end, ensuring that investors get the share they deserve,” Heidi states. Due to the growing demand, the company has been speeding up the investments into their software to make it even more at ease for growers.

Aims for next year

We still remain optimistic about the global market. We’ve been receiving many requests for the total solution of indoor cultivation projects globally. Especially the European market, it has higher product requirements, but at the same time, they’re investing more into facilities as well to obtain that quality. Next to that, the company will keep improving its software so growers can keep using the most recent technologies possible and have more efficient daily work.

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