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Vertical Grow System


VertiAero Series


VertiDrip Series


VertiHydro Series


Our vertical grow systems are designed for commercial indoor farming, food cultivation. Efficacy is everything to the modern agricultural economy, the investment in traditional commercial indoor farming is tremendous, and it’s complex and time-consuming to build a farm. GrowSpec is committed to making indoor farming become industrialized, controllable, and easy to operate. We insist on developing the products by standing on the feet of users to truly help growers work higher efficiently, to make the farm more efficient and productive.

Racking System

This mobile planting rack reduces the indoor space area ( for example 10 production lines only need 2 row instead of 11 lines ), and extends the planting space up to 2 or 3 floors. If the first floor is selected for planting, the second and third floors can be directly added later according to the business situation. Without the need to rent or purchase additional sites, which saves the time for approval of fire protection and construction planning. The planting racks are connected one by one, so the length can be changed with the size of the room. There is an independent nutrient barrel pallet in front of each row, which can be installed with an irrigation system, and all pipes can be hidden in the rack. There is a swinging arm at one end of the rack, even if the plant row has a weight of 5-8 tons, it can be easily moved by the swinging arm. 

The size of a single planting rack is 4’ x8’ and the height and the number of layers can be customized

Can be used in multiple connections (up to 7)

Used anti-rust paint inside and outside, no rust under high temperature and high humidity environment

A single rack can bear more than 1200 lbs per layer

Each layer have a PVC tray

Save Labour
Intelligent Operation
Save Water
Better | Faster | More Growth
Climate Management

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