Norish Your Plants with Right Light Spectrum



Modular  Scalable  Precise

GROWSPEC offers"one-stop Solution"aimed to meet farm owners'expectation such as increase yield, improve quality or s horten growth cycleetc. all for helping them realize a higher return on their crops and stand out in their market. In order to provide our customers with optimal lightingsolution and LED fixture, we combined our advanced LED technology with custom light spectrum supported from our experienced plant specialistand other partners working on plant study institution.Sunray FX series is an marvelous high-power LED light fixture which has unmatched passive cooling system. It performs robustly and stable. Thetht output ranges from 570 umol/s to 780 umol/s, the efficacy is as high as 2.6 umo Sunray FX is the most versatile fixture and is suitable for toplighting of all types of crop. No matter it applies to greenhouse or indoor room, it can do perfect work for you.


SunRay is a high performance, full cycle top-lighting solution for commercial horticulture cultivation. It was designed for commercial growers to challenge high-PPFD cultivation practices along with sophisticated CO2 supplementation. GrowSpec special full spectrum for plants empowers growers to achieve their growing targets all year round

High efficacy (2.65 μmol s-1 per watt)

Reduced HVAC requirement (30-40% less)

Easy Installation

High output for high & uniformity intensity

Crop-oriented full-spectrum light output

Complete light fixture without other extra accessories needed

Top bin horti-LEDs

Dimmable 0-10V/PMW

Slim Bars configuration suit for use in low rooms, on vertical racks, over benches, and in tents

P65 wet rated

5 year warranty