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The Way The Aeroponic Works


The most advanced & fast growing system in which roots are suspended/hanged in the mid of air and regularly misted with proper water and nutrients.Roots are completly elcosed which makes aeroponic system more organic. Aeroponics is recognized as the most efficient form of soil-less cultivation known as "hydroponics". An Aeroponic system naturally increases growth and yield by providing superior nutrient absorption directly into plant roots, kicking photosynthesis into hyperdrive with unlimited canopy growth.


supplement of water and fertilizer to the plants is unique and most effective. Aeroponic is media less growing techniques, similar to the hydroponics but here plant is getting everything in balanced and in uniquely. The irrigation makes Aeroponic unique, faster and the most efficient system. In Aeroponic roots gets breathing well, roots are not always dipped in water , roots are suspended in air and regularly misted this way offers the plants direct access to the oxygen.


Aeroponic is the faster and higher cultivating providing farming technique. In Aeroponic roots are breathing well and have direct intake of oxygen, this helps the faster, stronger and higher production.


The best advantage to grow faster,higher and healthier in Aeroponic is that this farming technique is soil-less. Due to soil plants have much chances to get diseases. While in Aeroponic very less chances.Because of soilless, it is easy to control and monitor the root area, as roots are visible to us we can check roots health and control the root zone temperature.


In Aeroponic roots are suspended in the middle of air and while misting fertilizer makes a thin layer around the roots where from the plant intakes the fertilizer, while in media grow system fertilizers are supplemented to the soil then roots need to extract the fertilizer from soil.

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