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Necessary Components Of a Vertical Cannabis Growing System

Growing cannabis in an indoor growing facility in a controlled environment offers a great deal of stability and control when combined with the right tools and systems, including vertical cannabis growing systems. In order to better understand the necessary components of a commercial cannabis growing system, it is important to understand the variables of cannabis cultivation.

These variables include:

  • Genetics

  • Weather

  • Light (Intensity, Spectrum, Cycle)

  • Temperature (environment, dome, canopy, environment)

  • Humidity (RH, dew point)

  • Airflow (environment, canopy)

  • CO2 (quality, delivery)

  • Media (type, volume)

  • Irrigation (type, frequency, amount, treatment)

  • Fertigation (type, concentration, schedule, mix)

  • IPM (Microbes, Viruses, Pest Control)

  • Plant care

  • Support

All of these variables influence the final product sold to consumers and contribute to cost of goods sold (COGS), all of which play a role in each grower's profit margin. In other words, controlling these variables means you have more control over how much money your business makes. Using a vertical cannabis growing system in your operation will help standardize and better control some of these variables when properly designed, installed, and operated.

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