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How the VertiAero LED Growing System can Benfit Your Commercial Cannabis Business

Commercial Indoor Cannabis growing operations can be expensive, and looking at the cost of real estate, substantial power bills, and essential staffing demands, it becomes vital to find a way to increase profit and reduce overhead costs

Vertical Growing

The horticultural practice of generating plants in vertically stacked layers or vertically inclined surfaces. One way to accomplish this monumental task is to maximize your commercial growth space by incorporating a vertical growing system, like the Growspec VertiAero Planter system. This plant production line meets the industry's demands for innovative new technology! Let's have a quick look at how the VertiAero grow planter system can benefit your cannabis grow business!

LED Lighting & Vertical Growing:

In the food production industry, vertical growing companies are revolutionizing agriculture!

But in the cannabis industry, which practically invented indoor growing, there has been a lot less movement toward vertical growing. A partial reason for this is HPS lights( high-pressure sodium lights,)which have been the industry go-to light for decades, run quite hot, cannabis plants have to be placed a couple of feet away from the lights to keep safe and healthy. LED light's increasing affordability and increasing ability to equal or exceed HPS yields make LED grow lights the industry standard, finally opening the door to vertical growing for cannabis! Growers generally make the switch from HPS to LED lighting for three reasons- an increased yield, improvement of cannabinoid & terpene content, and energy efficiency. The VertiAero Planter system uses LED lights that run at a much lower temperature, eliminating the problem of space management HPS(high-pressure sodium) lights create! Now cannabis growers can use the most potent multi-tier, Vertical Farm & LED lighting systems available! Growers generally make the switch from HPS to LED lighting for three reasons- an increased yield, improvement of cannabinoid & terpene content, and energy efficiency

Our engineering team at GrowSpec Inc creates light distribution simulations using horticultural software and top support from plant scientists, combined with our experience of cooperation with growers worldwide, help you achieve your ultimate growing goals. Under our solution design, you will get the right light method tailored uniquely for your crops through our free customer consultation service!

VertiAero Stacked Vertical Planting:

The most common vertical farming method is a stacked vertical setup, consisting of plant racks with LED lights above each rack. Plants are pruned and defoliated to keep them short and bud-heavy, growers even stack in the flowering stage, despite the plants being large and top-heavy. The VertiAero Planter system uses a mobile planting rack that exponentially reduces the “required” indoor grow-space area and extends the plant cultivation space by multiple tiers, maximizing growth space, increasing post-harvest yield, thus increasing profit! And suppose only the first rack gets used for cultivation. The grower can then directly add additional tiers later on. According to business preference- the shelves can connect with one another so that growers can modify the VertiAero planter system length according to room size. Hence, it eliminates the need to rent or purchase additional sites and saves you vast amounts of time in construction and planning!

Benefits of Aero-Hydroponic grow system or Aeroponics: Using Air To Grow Healthy Cannabis Plants.

Aeroponics and hydroponics have been used for growing vegetables for a long time now, and both are great techniques for cannabis cultivation that comes with a host of advantages. These methods consist of growing soilless vegetation and exposing the plants’ roots directly to the nutrient-dense liquid solution, meaning that growers can achieve quicker growth and better quality yields! Both methods of growing work very similarly- the most significant difference being that a Hydroponic system sacrifices slightly in quality to get more quantity, but in Aeroponics, you offer-up quantity to obtain a better quality. However, by integrating the best of both worlds, the VertiAero Planter system's innovative tech combines Aeroponics & Hydroponics’ advantages and removes both methods’ disadvantages!

VertiAero Aeroponics Integration:

Aeroponics is a unique growing method that doesn't make use of a growing medium. Instead of growing in soil, the roots are suspended in mid-air and surrounded by oxygen.

At the same time, the remaining liquid at the bottom of our container ensures that, in case of emergency, there is still sufficient nutrient-dense liquid to sustain your cannabis plant for up to 48 hours! Leaving the grower enough time to take care of the situation!

Hydroponics Integration

The plant roots get misted directly with a nutrient-dense solution that coats the roots every 3-5 minutes.

Airflow System: Environmental Conditions Get Complicated

Airflow System: Environmental Conditions Get Complicated. The GrowSpec VertiAero' s multi-layer airflow solution improves the airflow rate in the micro-environment of the plant canopy by:

- Maintaining consistent plant canopy temperature and humidity. - Reducing the cultivation potential of harmful mildews and pathogens. - Increases the rate of photosynthesis by evenly distributing CO2 over the plant canopy.

Because of this atmospheric variability, VertiAero uses various sensors to detect crucial data points, like moisture changes, in your cannabis grow

Indoor Growing, especially vertical growing, requires a sound airflow system to guarantee healthy growth for your cannabis plants.

Maintaining optimum temperature, humidity, and air circulation is challenging for all cannabis grows. But in vertical growing, there is even more variability in macro and micro-environmental conditions because more plants make control more difficult.

In-Expensive to Set Up and Maintain:

Although a vertical growing system of any kind will increase your post-harvest yield by maximizing your grow space. It can possibly get quite costly when you start adding up the increased energy usage from extra lighting, upgraded climate control system, and the additional infrastructure required, not to mention paying high-skilled agro-technicians to tend to your canopies.

But by using the complete Growspec VertiAero Planter system that integrates; -Led grow light technology, -State of the art Aero-Hydroponic nutrient dispensing systems and sensors, -Vertical planting & -Intelligent control & Touchscreen Control System Your business can save exponentially on overhead costs!

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