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Does LED Work Really Better than HPS Do?

Nowadays, in the horticulture industry, more and more people shift their traditional lighting system to LED one, especially in indoor farms. But still many, actually the most are persisting in HPS or MH, some of them are just conservatives, and others might have tried LED but unfortunately failed due to certain factors.

In fact, there is no universal answer to that question, we can not tell which one is better just because of someone's success or failures, even I'm selling LED. The comparison can't be accurate merely at the standing of electronic data. From my point of view, electronic data comparison only works between the same type of products, like LED vs LED, or HPS vs HPS.

Whatever, although we can't find a universal answer, YOU can find your answer! The comparison should be considered in many circumstances, not only about the rigorousness of the test conditions, and also about ROI, sometimes even you found the right product which works more efficiently to your plants, you probable not to shift because it takes too long to get the investment back, and it may not because the increased efficacy is not high enough, in this case, it might because of the limit resource, you know, you get different prices from various markets, for example, your tomatoes are selling to Walmart is totally different priced to those are selling to 5 stars Michelin restaurants, and you are not able to change your current market or business mode in a short time. So the answer is particular to someone and must be particular.

Based on a full understanding on your situation, you can try and find out your answer.

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