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Container Farming


There are 2 main aspects of agriculture are taken into consideration now a days.

1. Medical plant Farming (Cannabis,Hemp,CBD,THC etc).

2. Food farming specifically supplement of fresh and good quality food to Urban people (Herbs, leafy vegetables, micro greens & Lettuce).

There are different techniques to grow above facilities to maximize the production and food quality but many factors plays vital role some of them are Land, climate, water, ventilation, lightig & Nutrition. Sometime in indoor or outdoor farming all the grow factors are difficult to control. So, our fruits, vegetable and medical plants becomes seasonal we cannot get production whole year.

GrowSpec provide high quality container in which you can design the ideal climate for plants to get much production with better quality. GrowSpec provide one stop solution for all the grow facilities like hydroponic, Aeroponic, vertical farming racks, LED grow lights and fully automatic containers. Containers are fully installed and equipped with all grow technologies. There are many advantages of our containers like i.e, easy to get site permit go with our container, because our containers are

professionally designed and meets with the US Fire Safety System regulation and GMP standard.


There are multiple challenges are faced when someone decided for farming but container farming is the best solution, some of them are as below.

  • Capitally Intensive Build out

  • Long Licensing & Construction Processes

  • Lack of Flexibility & Unscalable Infrastructure

  • Inconsistent Yields

  • High Operating Costs

  • Inefficient Cultivation Facilities


There are different grow factors that should be keep in consideration in order to get much and healthy production, If not give an attention to those factors then it will directly affect plants, for example lighting,ventilation,climate,Co2,humidity,air freshness and Nutrient ratio. If you can control these factors then you can grow all seasonal fruits, vegetable whole year.


GrowSpec has lot of research work on it and developed system, it control all grow factors and design the grow environment of your choice. Our containers are fully automatic you can monitor your plants anytime.

One of the most important factor for growing good plants and vegetables is light, if you choose all other grow facilities good but you cannot choose lights better then you can not get good production, Grower must have knowledge that which light,spectrum and intensity is better for his plants. Growspec is one of the leading company from China with strong research background in the light fixture era with cooperation of European and Chinese scientist.


Climate plays incredible role to get healthy harvest, plants like a particular and ideal temperature, humidity, nutrition as they can grow happily. If we fail to provide a suitable climate to plants then we can not get many grow cycles, plants become seasonal. Here is one of the best advantages of container farming that you can design perfect environment to your plants, we provide all the climate control options, in our container you can monitor inside climates anytime and everywhere through mobile App and manually, containers are stack able,movable,fully installed.


Growspec container is fully installed container all the requirements are preinstalled, we fully support the customers before and after sale services feedback within 24hrs ,video services, manual guide,field installation service. Maintenance is very simple and easy can replace all the parts.


The demand for food increases day by day this leads to develop such system that can fulfil it. So, indoor farming discovered but still have problem of investment,time and environment. So, container farming invented to resolve these problem to avail the facilities at small,big scale and most important it can be used in city in order to supply of fresh and cost effective food. Growspec have strong background in the indoor farming systems, we supply most cost effective and best quality automatic containers. It not save only the investment but it also save your labour cost and create easiness to get license for medical plants.

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