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Canans Heat Protection With Solutions For Veterical Agriculture

Wherever they operate, cannabis growers always have to consider the season and weather when managing their crops, but climate change and extreme temperatures have brought global agribusiness to the brink of collapse.

Prevent weeds during drought Weeds that grow in summer create competition for water - they fight your plants. And if you are not diligent about preventing and removing weeds, they will always win. Weed always found a way to thrive. That's what they do best.

By comparison, a study of the North American corn industry alone found that weed caused an average annual loss of $26.7 billion over seven years.

Constantly changing watering schedule

It makes sense that even a normal summer would require a different watering schedule than spring, but a hot summer shook things up: how do you plan for the unprecedented, including rising air temperatures and the side effects of climate change?

Sudden heat waves may prompt cannabis growers to water their plants earlier or more frequently, but depending on the weather, there may not be as precise a manual as these growers would like. And inaccuracy carries risks and can potentially affect crop quality, no matter how quickly farmers react.

protection of farm labourers

Whether you grow indoors or outdoors, farming is hard work. They stood all day, lifting tools and plants, bending, bowing, and repeating repetitive motions.

Add intense heat and humidity to the mix and your workers are at serious risk of wet bulb conditions, where extreme heat and humidity make it impossible for the human body to cool itself through the evaporation of sweat.

Heat-related deaths are on the rise and, given traditional working conditions, outdoor farming professionals are now more vulnerable than ever, even when all proper safety precautions are taken.

Beat the heat with a vertical indoor cannabis growing system

In response to these and other difficulties, cannabis growers are turning to growing indoors, using cellular growing solutions such as high-density single or double cellular benches and multi-tiered cellular growth racks.

Developed with the insights of our in-house cannabis cultivation experts, Montel's vertical growing system doesn't just save farms from the heat. They also enable farmers who grow cannabis, herbs, greens and more to grow and cultivate crops intelligently, making the most of the space available to them while maximizing yield and quality.

See how our vertical indoor growing system has revolutionized cannabis and other agribusiness within agribusiness.

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