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3 Questions To Question Yourself Before Choosing A Vertical Farming System

1. What are the cubic dimensions of your growth and growth space?

As the name suggests, vertical farming is all about growing and expanding to maximize your business space down to the last cubic foot. Before you approach any vertical farm equipment supplier, outline your growing and germination stages and reflect on the days in the lives of their employees.

2. What materIals do you plan to use for cultivation?

Farming has always been a science, but indoor growing takes it to a whole new level with nutrient-rich growing environments and multiple interconnected systems of irrigation, ventilation, lighting and monitoring.

Exactly how you want it to grow, the process from germination to planting will tell what your vertical farming system needs. A simple example is the architecture and lighting of a multilevel vertical farm. For full coverage over your canopy, vertical farming requires lighting designed for each layer, as opposed to ambient lighting from above.

The more you know about how you will grow, the better your vertical farming solutions provider can equip you with the hardware you need to realize your vision.

3. Choose a working vertical agriculture solution?

Vertical farming allows farmers to increase yields by optimizing the space they already have, but any indoor growing operation needs to plan for what comes next.

Want to add more levels or stations? Will you reuse your facility or reclaim areas set aside for non-growth operations? Vertical farms can bring small growers into big markets, which is why indoor growers should work with a vertical farm solutions provider like GrowSpec who specialize in customized systems that can fit you.

The smart vertical farming system is the answer.

If you've answered these vertical farming questions, need help, or have some questions of your own, contact your local authorized GrowSpec dealer today. Our vertical farming and engineering experts can help you move indoors.

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