What is iGrowMaestro ?

iGrowMaestro is a “PaaS+ ioT" system, this system is designed to use a platform to connect all cultivation related devices on internet. On such a platform, you can set working strategies for all related electronic devices, manage,control and monitor them remotely at thousands miles away.

iGrowMaestro can be used for indoor/greenhouse, container farm or biotechnology labs,no mater you grow by dripping or hydroponic or aeroponics. You can fully set up all the parameters as you want by iGrowMaestro

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Why iGrowMaestro ?

For Controlled Environment Agriculture(CEA) , as many different equipment need to be controlled, including but not limited to temperature, humidity, irrigation strategy, lighting, CO2, fertilizer system, ventilation system, air disinfection and sterilization, water treatment, nutrient solution temperature and dissolved oxygen, we generally need to separate multiple control systems to achieve automatic control functions. In this case, the emergence of iGrowMaestro conforms to the needs of the times and puts all related equipment on the same platform for management and control. This greatly facilitates farm managers and growers, and provides a guarantee for precise environmental regulation and efficient planting.

What’s the Benefits?

Custom Dashboards for Different Roles

- Agents can provide farm owners with planting-related recipes, including climate control recipes, irrigation and light strategies, aerodynamic strategies and nutrient recipes, all of which can be set in advance and authorized for the facility owner by agent.


- The farm owner can give different authorization to the manager and the growers, to manage and monitor equipment in different areas (rooms).


- Growers can set strategies individually for each room's climate/cultivation/nutrient recipe according to grow stages , and monitor the operation of all equipment.

What’s the Benefits?

Remote Access & System Notice

Whether the farm owner, farm manager or Master Grower, room grower, can remotely monitor the plant condition and equipment operation through the mobile phone or IPad, if the equipment fails, the authorized personnel will receive alarm information.

What’s the Benefits?

Cloud-Edge-Device Collaboration

- The local control on the device is synchronized with the Cloud. Even if the device is disconnected from the network, the control unit of the device can continue to work according the system memory. After the network is restored, the data will be synchronized to the cloud again.

How It works?
Room No.#

How The Devices

Been Controlled

Room 1
Grow Lights
Timing & Diming
Air Temp.
Settled by day/night
Air Exchange Fan
Timing or according to CO2 PPM
Settled by Day/Night
CO2 Density
Settled by Light on/off
Indoor Air Purifier
Timing and spead dimming
Camera 1/2...
Monitoring on APP
Cultivation Line1 / Line2
Irrigation System
Strategy of irrigation: stop period / irrigation period or irrigate frequency
Canopy Ventilator
Work frequency and air speed
Nutrient temperature
Air Pump
Oxygen Enrichment on/off
UV Sterilizer
On/off according to nutrient elements
Dosing System
Fertilizer Pumps
Set the nutrient recipe from Channel 1 to 8
PH sensor
PH value
EC sensor
EC value
Room 2 / 3 ...
How Can I Get iGrowMaester?

1. When you purchase our “Vertical Production Lines” you will have 2 options on control systems ( off line control version / online control version), but generally the device of “online version” will be little bit more costly because it has an independent gateway and some converters. But both soft ware is free of charge.


2. When you purchase GrowSpec “container farm”, “climate Chamber” or “BioCuber”, or you contract with GrowSpec for your indoor farming construction with devices purchased from GrowSpec, we will help to deploy the control system and the soft ware is also free of charge.

3. If a big display for your farm (at the control center/lobby/office) is required, or soft ware with your brand and UI is required, then some customize fee will be charged.Please contract at for more information about the cost.

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