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How Boosts Your Farm Business by Combined Aeroponic and Vertical Grow System


What is aeroponic

Aeroponics is an indoor gardening practice in which plants are grown and nourished by suspending their root structures in air and regularly spraying them with a nutrient and water solution.

Soil is not used for aeroponics, because the plants can thrive when their roots are constantly or periodically exposed to a nutrient-rich mist.

Aeroponics offers an efficient means to grow plants, including fruits and vegetables,without potting and repotting them to replenish their access to nutrient-rich soil.

Vertiaero as part of mobile storage systems idea. streamlined flowering all year round your space, your profit.

GrowSpec CEO Alvis Ma says “Over our years of designing LED light system applications for the agriculture sector,GROWSPEC has developed a storage and growing system that will address your priorties: yield increase, space eficient with maximize vertical storage and great durability. We recognize that the duties you fulfill, and the supplies and equipment you employ to do so vary widely. But whatever they are, you can be confident of more organized growing facilities with our solutions.”

Alvis Ma explains “Flower set has Fertigator(operation center) + FloCarri(scalable from 2-7), each FloCarri2 tiers of 32sq ft(2.88m3) cultivation area with 46 plants for high yield growth.The plants in all FloCarris will get the same nutrition and light distribution from the automatically controled Fertigator”



- Mobilize your growing system - lower labor cost - Customize and optimize your cultivation area - Minimum amount of LED lights according to individual buyer PPFD requirement - Light dimmable - No need to adjust the distance between plant and light - Unique Design that provides easy and quick access to all system components. - Organizing shelves according to the current needs of the crop. - More than doubled production per sq ft,reduced land requirements over 50% by Mobase(movable base with track) and multi-tier vertical racks.

He adds “VertiAero is All-In-One system with two available light options for Vegetation and Flowering stage. Both of them provide everything necessary to maximize the yield potential for flowering stage.

Each option is build with Fertigator(operation center) and Carri-depending on which model You choose VegCarri or FloCarri- you will have 32sqft (2.88m2) on each tier. FloCarri(Model#VA23) in one module have 2 tiers for total cultivation area of 46 plants for high yield growth, VegCarri(Model#VA72) have 3 tiers to accelerate growth of plants in cultivation are of 216 plants”



In order to better serve customers, GrowSpec provides customers with free product customization and tailored engineering. Alvis said “After receiving your project, we will learn more about the size of your site, the height of the ceiling, the management of the plant growth cycle, the desired planting mode (drip irrigation or aeroponic?), the power situation of the site, and the requirements for fertilizing. Then we will recommend the best equipment to customers, including customized height, length, power, function and control strategies.”

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