Grow Chamber

GrowSpec Grow Chamber is a prefabricated modularized grow room designed for CEA(Controlled Environment Agriculture) cultivation.

Air Exchanger
Time able & Dimmable
LED Lighting System
Planting Trays
Multi-Tier Movable
Racking System
Air Intake Filter
Air Conditioning
FootPrint Area
640 sq.ft
Canopy Area
 4ft X 51ft
Corridor With
< 500 (Flower)
Suitable Plant QTY
Ave. Wind Speed
10-15 times/hr
Air Exchange

Indoor Air Dynamics

Our indoor air dynamic design makes the air speed, temperature, humidity and CO₂ density evenly distributed throughout the grow chamber.

资源 3_300x.png
Dry/Cold Air
资源 5_300x.png
Dry/Hot Air
资源 6_300x.png
Wet/Hot Air
资源 4_300x.png
Wet/Hot Air
Top View
资源 2_300x.png
Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner
Side View
资源 1_300x.png
Air Conditioner
Smart Vegetable Farming Solution 

A superb digital solution for variety of the vegetables , we had always tried to reduce the burden of farmers, reducing the labor, minimizing the chances to make error. Grow chamber provide an excellent solution for ideal farming year around. Whole chamber is managed and controlled with a digital interface and Remote control. This solution can manage to grow lettuce, leafy greens/baby leaves,microgreen, herbs and also can be used as animal fodder. 

Rapid Growth |Steady Quality Output|Optimized Space| Automation