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About BioCuber

BioCuber facility is a turnkey solution for indoor farming.It’s a pre-designed, pre-engineered and pre-fabricated modular building, equipped with customized vertical farming systems, climate control systems, dosing systems which are all controlled by iGrowMaestro SaaS. BioCuber modular facilities are designed to reduce project timelines from years to months anywhere in the world. Customers can not only scale up the facility as the business expanding, but also set up their SOP for cultivation with GrowSpec’s expertise, and side by side support.

Begin Manufacturing Faster and Adapt Quicker

BioCuber modular can reduce time to market and reduce CapEx investment.Compared with traditional way of build purified GACP or GMP standard indoor farm, BioCuber will reduce the timelines from years to months. The building skeletons and walls,ceiling and roof have been prefabricated in modulars,which can be assembled on-site quickly.The vertical farming system,and artificial climate system,irrigation(dosing) system and power supply center are also been prefabricated,preinstalled, ready for assemble on-site.A 1,200m² footprint BioCuber complete facility can be assembled within 45days.BioCuber project manager will coordinates the production,shipment,assembly, and testing to make sure the project will smoothly deployed.

Purified Environment

BioCuber offered an advanced purification environment for cultivation,reduced the risk of modes,mildews and fungus. The HEPA+UV system will sterilize the air 10-15 times per hour, and the water purification system will sterilize the nutrient solution every 2-3 times per hour. Physical sterilization makes it possible to eliminate chemical pesticides. High quality of crops can be expected from BioCuber.

Flexible Environmental Strategy Setting and Precise Control

As a modular building, the size of BioCuber units’ space is determined,which makes it possible to create uniform and repeatable climate for all BioCuber units.Year round harvest with consistent volume and quality can be achieved in BioCuber.

资源 1_300x.png
Advanced Aeroponics Cultivation

Aeroponics is considered one of the best methods to grow plants in a soil-free environment and the need for this method has been growing due to a clear need for more convenient way to grow plants.


The VertiAero in BioCuber is a matured industrial class planting system. Roots get high dissolved oxygen nutrient droplets (20-60micrometer) from the nozzles.The plant biomass accumulate much more and faster than growing under traditional way of cultivation. This makes the crop has much higher yield compared with those grow in medium.


Aeroponics is also the most water-saving irrigation technology, it can save 90% of water compared to traditional medium grow. A semi-sealed cultivation bucket/tub prevents the water of the root area evaporate to the air. Another accompanying result is,the environment humidity is much easier to control.


Another function of VertiAero is self-sterilization. It’s more convenient than CIP (clean in Place),just fill the nutrient reservoir with food sterilizer and easily press the “manual” button,run the system for 20 minutes,they whole pipe line system,including buckets and nozzles, will be sterilized and sanitized automatically.


Water Return Bucket

Back Water

Oxygen Producing Pump

Liquid Storage Tank

Water Pump


Water Chiller
Water Supply
iGrowMaestro - The Brain of BioCuber

iGrowMaestro is an ioT SaaS system developed for BioCuber. By iGrowMaestro you can set up the strategy and recipe for all environmental elements and cultivation elements, you can also monitor all the devices by APP on your mobile phone.

Click here to know more about iGrowMaestro

Some Basic Data
(Take Single BioCuber Unit As An Example)
Grow Stage
Grow System
QTY of Grow Tiers
Canopy Area
2,560 sq.ft
1,920 sq.ft
1,280 sq.ft
QTY of Plants

Small:42,200 Big:16,200

Cooling Capacity
180K BTU
250K BTU
300K BTU
Dehumidity Capacity
1.8K pints
2K pints
2.1K Pints

GrowSpec will offer consultant before the project confirm, at this stage we will offer you the estimated device and budget list.


When the project confirmed GrowSpec will coordinate with the project owner for designing,engineering and facility optimizing.


Then GrowSpec will coordinate the production,shipment and installation.


After the building and all related devices installed on the site, GrowSpec will help to design the workflow and SOP together with the master grower, provide training service for relevant personnel for devices usage and software operationi

Document support is also part of our services,including but not limited

Design Solution

Engineering Proposal

Daily Operation and Maintenance Manual

Grower’s Guide

说明书 (2).png

How much land do I need for BioCuber facility?

One BioCuber Unit footprint is 1320sq.ft (60ft x 22ft), it can be scale up to 26,400sq.ft (fully expanded by 20 units).

What crops can I grow in a BioCuber facility?

We will pre-design, engineer and manufacture the BioCuber modules according to the plants you grow. Currently we have total solution for cannabis,leafy greens or same size crops, microgreens, herbs, egg plants or same size crops,vein crops such as tomato or cucumber,low-temperature required plants like strawberries,tulips,and Washabe.

What shall I prepare for the site?

The clients have to prepare cement foundation and site infrastructure including water,power,and sewage.

Where can I build the BioCuber facilities?

BioCuber can be build almost anywhere around the world, the temperature adaption range is -40°C to 50°C.

What is the lead time and build time for BioCuber facilities?

Lead time is normally for 70-90days depends on the QTY of units,and build time (including all devices finished installation) takes 120-140 working hours per unit.

Will it affect the use of existing BioCuber units if I expand to scale up more units?

The existing BioCuber facility can keep operating during the expansion phase. If we don’t connect the power or piping together the operational interruption will never happen.

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