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Air Outlet

DHH240 Heating

DHH240 Heating Dehumidifier
Water Outlet
Control Panel
Air Intake
Movable Wheel

1. Microcomputer automatically control, LED digital display. 

2. Efficient automatic defrosting system, low temperature appliance.

3. Have fault automatically judgment fuction.

4. 1-24 hours timing function.

5. Special humidity 1%RH can be adjusted, humidity setting range 10~98%RH.

6. Pipe continue drainage function.

7. The bottom have universal wheel, in all direction, no dead angle, free movement.

DHH240 Heating Dehumidifier
Capacity 27℃, 60%: 10kg/h
Capacity 30℃, 80%: 240L/D
Capacity 35℃, 90%: 312L/D
Control Precision: ±3%
Air Flow: 1800m³/h
Rated Power: 2650W
Maximum Power: 4150W
Refrigerant: R410A
Power Supply: 380V 3N-60Hz
Size: 763×472×1680mm
Application: 350-420 m² (Height in 3m)
Rapid Growth |Steady Quality Output|Optimized Space| Automation
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